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“I am new in this country and I only learned about this beautiful city because my husband David would always bring me here, show me places of interest and inform me about the city’s uniqueness and attractions. We would go to the most known places and one very interesting thing about my “husband’s tour” is that we keep exploring quaint bake shops, restaurants, etc…such an exciting adventure….until last Saturday, my perspective totally changed!….Monika was so thorough in her presentation of the places and their historical backgrounds! It was so interesting!..detailed descriptions authenticated by her documents. she was just so energized!…we were panting as we continued to walk and explore the beauty of the city and she was just uncontrollable!!! she kept going and going!..wear comfortable shoes!!!true indeed! My knowledge about this city expanded tremendously! How was that? This walking tour is an educational tour….We did not just tour but we met new friends along the way. Thank you Monika….the tour was all worth it!. May you continue to share your knowledge about this romantic city to more people.”

Chari B.
Fairfield, CA

“A few weeks ago we had the privilege of seeing the “hidden” San Francisco with Monika. Although our group of four had been to the city many times and were familiar with much of it, with Monika’s help we savored delightful corners we had never seen before. Our group is made up of photographers, a hard group to please, and although Monika normally does walking tours, in this case she drove because of all the equipment we were carrying. Monika guided us to some great vantage points. A New York transplant, Monika has lived in San Francisco for many years and is passionate about the city’s history and architecture. Definitely worthwhile.”

Betty S.
Lotus (El Dorado County), CA

“My parents were in town visiting from Syracuse, New York. They have been to San Francisco a few times, and I thought a new way to see the city would be on Monika’s walking tour. My mom’s interest in theater combined with getting some fresh exercise and a new perspective on the city I live in would be something we’d all enjoy. We started out learning about the history of how motion pictures started in San Francisco, and as we walked we stopped at several venues to learn more about them. Monika’s picture book and historical records of the buildings helped our imaginations, and really did make an impression on how different the street and city attractions were at the turn of the century and beyond. It was a fun way to learn about my own city, and my parents appreciated all of Monika’s expert knowledge and historical perspective on what is one of San Francisco’s best kept city secrets. I recommend Monika’s tours for anyone interested in seeing the city from another perspective, have some fun, take a step back in time, and see San Francisco’s Market Street through new eyes. A must-do for any film/theater buff or anyone interested in architecture!”

Rachael O.
San Francisco, CA

“Have the urge for something fun AND historical? Look no further, SAN FRANCISCO JOURNEYS is YOUR gold ticket. Commander-in-Chief, Monika, provides expert knowledge of various SF locations and makes every tour an interesting and worthwhile event. Local/visiting? Doesn’t matter. Put this on your “to do” list now!”

David McK.
San Francisco, CA

“If you really want to get to know San Francisco past and present, then Monika’s tours are the way to go. I’ve never experienced living history like this before. Monika’s a wealth of knowledge and her delivery is fun and engaging. San Francisco is a great city to explore and San Francisco Journeys is the way to get to know it if it’s your first visit or get to know it better if you’re a frequent visitor.”

Linda S.
Phoenix, AZ

“Monika’s tours offer a pleasurable learning experience as she guides you through the streets of her beloved city. I have been more than satisfied with the three guided tours conducted by her: the Coit Tower Murals and Telegraph Hill, a tour of the Civic Center and her walk of Union Square. She is an amateur historian who has an abundance of information about the people and events that have shaped San Francisco. Monika Trobits does make history come alive.”

Elliot B.
San Francisco, CA

“Monika’s tour is absolutely the best! Even though I had seen the Coit Tower murals previously, she added much additional information and background about them. It was a special treat to be able to see the murals that are not open to the public. Monika knows her subject in great depth. The tidbits about buildings and people that she mentioned as we made our way down the Greenwich and Filbert Steps added greatly to the experience. Her choice of a lunch spot was excellent. Afterward, she had many interesting facts about various buildings along the way, some of which had survived the earthquake. I had visited the Ferry Building many times, but her comments as we walked thru provided much new information for me. Monika makes history come alive–do not miss this opportunity to learn a great deal about Coit Tower and San Francisco’s early days.”

Anne D.
San Bruno, CA

“The Coit Tower murals tour was a total success; all 6 of us in our group thought it was fantastic. Monika Trobits provided clear descriptions including historical perspectives while encouraging questions from all of the participants. It seemed as if the time flew by, but the atmosphere she created was not that of feeling rushed at all.”

Bob P.
San Rafael, CA

“Monika is fantastic! I learned more about my own neighborhood in one afternoon with Monika than I had in five years living here. She is an excellent guide for locals and visitors alike.”

David H.
San Francisco, CA

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